CrossFit Merritt Programs


Far more than a group fitness class, CrossFit is individual coaching in a group setting.

Workouts are different every day; intense, but altered for each participant’s current fitness level.

Our fees are more than a typical gym membership, but our product is also much more.

Your membership at CrossFit Merritt is like Personal Training at a fraction of the cost. It includes strength and conditioning programming, on-going coaching and instruction, including individual modifications where needed, mobility coaching, nutritional chats, community, fun, motivation, and commitment. Trust our expert programming and coaching to help you achieve your goals, or even more! You may just surprise yourself! We are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals.


CrossFit Lite

This program is like CrossFit but without all the technical barbell movements. During CrossFit Lite we focus on functional movements through interval style workouts made up of a variety of exercises.

CrossFit Lite mixes body weight exercises, strength training and interval work all into one high intensity workout that helps burn fat and improve cardio! Open to everyone at all fitness levels and if you're nervous to give CrossFit a go this is a great place to get your feet wet and build a base of fitness before entering our regular program.


Specialty Programs

We will be offering Specialty Training groups and clinics throughout the year. Check our Facebook page for up-to-date information about specialty programs like: 

  • FemSport Training
  • Spartan Race Prep
  • Merritt Country Run Prep
  • Various CrossFit Competition training groups
  • Clinics on skills like Double-Unders, Snatch, Clean and Jerks and Pull Up/Muscle Up progressions , Shoulder Health, Pelvic Floor Health, and more
  • Recovery/Mobility

CrossFit Kids

The CrossFit Kids program is our program for 6-12 year olds. Using a combination of calisthenics, running, rowing, jumping, throwing, carrying, pushing, pulling, climbing and lifting (the stuff we all used to call ‘play,’) we get kids to LOVE exercise.  We use age-appropriate skills, challenges, and loads.  We challenge kids in a fun and progressive way. We build a foundation for physical literacy that can be applied to their own sport, life or in our CrossFit Teens program in the future.


CrossFit Teens

CrossFit Teens prepares teens for all-around athleticism. They get stronger, faster, more powerful, and more flexible. They learn about nutrition, and get set up to be an ‘athlete for life,’ whether within CrossFit, another sport, or just a fitter adult.


Our teen program also delivers valuable lessons about life: hard work, character, courage and overcoming adversity. Many call it “the sport for kids who don’t play sports,” because it’s also fun. John Ratey, author of Spark! and brain researcher at Harvard, referred to CrossFit Kids programs as ‘collaborative competition,’ because kids cheer for one another.



Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or to chat about your fitness goals!


*information of this page adapted from and courtesy of CrossFit Fernie